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The Andrews Labor Government is putting patients first in Clarinda.  

Across our nation – and around the world – the pandemic has put unprecedented pressure on health systems. From a sharp increase of critical COVID patients to disrupted care, resulting in longer hospital recovery time, the last two years have really knocked our health system around. 

When we came to government, we put an end to the war on our paramedics. We took ambulance response times from the worst in our history to the best. Now – just like we did before – we’ll ease the pandemic pressure on our hospitals and our healthcare workers.  

The Victorian Budget 2022/23 will invest over $12 billion to put patients first, with a Pandemic Repair Plan for more staff, better hospitals and first-class care. 

Our healthcare workers have been on the frontline of this pandemic, and we know how important it is that we support them into the future.  

We’re backing our healthcare workers with training and the extra pair of helping hands they need, so they can give you the very best care. 

That’s why the Budget is delivering funding to train and hire up to 7,000 new healthcare workers, including 5,000 nurses. 

We’ll provide 1,125 new Registered Undergraduate Nursing Positions and 75 new Registered Undergraduate Student of Midwifery roles over the next two years, and we’re also recruiting up to 2,000 ex-pat and international healthcare workers through a global workforce recruitment drive. 

Right around the nation, demand for emergency services is at an all-time high. Our Triple Zero call-takers and dispatchers are dealing with unprecedented call volumes.  

But when you call for an ambulance, every Victorian should have the confidence one will arrive. That’s why we’re delivering another 90 paramedics – which means we’ve added 790 extra paramedics to the workforce since we came to government.  

And to help our frontline workers reach Victorians who need help faster, we’re investing $333 million to add nearly 400 new staff to increase Triple Zero call taking and dispatch capacity for Triple Zero services, including ambulances, and training more operators to allocate calls across the state. 

We’re also going to make sure that every local community gets the health infrastructure and services they deserve. That’s why this Budget invests $2.9 billion to build new hospitals and deliver upgrades to health services in every corner of our state, including $12 million for Victoria’s second Mobile Stroke Unit at the Monash Medical Center in Clayton. 

By expanding our emergency departments, adding more surgical beds to get more elective surgeries done and increasing maternity care services – this Budget will ensure more Victorians get the very best of care, close to home. 

As we roll-out our Pandemic Repair Plan to make sure people in Clarinda get the care they deserve, we’re also getting on with delivering the schools, roads and public transport services they rely on. 

You can’t get a first-rate education, in a second-rate classroom. It’s why we’re investing $5.9 million to upgrade Kingston Heath Primary School – giving students modern learning centres and a new oval – because under an Andrews Labor Government, we’re giving every child the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

To make sure every young Victorian gets the education they need for the career they want, the new VCE Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate will replace VCAL, offering students more choices, a higher-quality curriculum and better workplace experiences – preparing students to jump into further study, training at TAFE or work as soon as they leave school. 

The VCAL reforms will save many Victorian families up to $1,000 by cutting out-of-pocket costs, with students no longer having to pay for essential learning materials for VET studies. 

With this Budget, we’re building the roads we need now, as well as future proofing our road network by investing in planning for our transport needs. The Budget kicks off planning for installation of traffic signals at North Road and Mackie Road in East Bentleigh to improve safety for locals. 

Thousands of Victorians also rely on their local bus to get them to work, school and around their community. Now, thanks to the investment in this Budget, Victorians will get a smarter, faster and more reliable bus network including more frequent services between Oakleigh, Box Hill and Southland on the 733 and 767 bus routes – so Victorians spend less time waiting at the bus stop and more time with friends and family.  

We also want to give our multicultural communities the chance to celebrate everything they hold dear; with those they hold close. That’s why we’re investing $6.4 million to continue the Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund, so we can build and upgrade community facilities and places of worship, through projects such as new car parks, kitchens, and meeting spaces. Including $250,000 to the Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple in Springvale South to deliver a new playground for kids attending Temple with their parents, and $25,000 to the Benevolent Association of Nafpaktians in Heatherton to upgrade their security systems so that they can continue to come together safely in great community spaces. 

But that’s not all. We know that many Victorians are still paying too much for their energy bills – that’s why we’re stepping in to help families get the best deal. We’re providing a once-off $250 payment for all Victorian households that use the Victorian Energy Compare (VEC) website – the Victorian Government’s independent price comparator website – to search for the cheapest electricity plan that suits their needs. 

With this Budget, we’re getting on with delivering for all Victorians.  

Quotes attributable to Member for Clarinda Meng Heang Tak  

“Having Victoria’s second Mobile Stroke Unit at Monash Hospital will give families in Clarinda the first-class care they need, when they need it most.” 

“The wonderful students and teachers at Kingston Heath Primary School deserve the best learning and outdoor spaces to learn and grow, and that’s what we’re delivering with this Budget.”