Contract Awarded For Dingley Recycled Water Pipeline

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Greener spaces and businesses are one step closer for communities in Kingston, Monash and after the contract was awarded on a new 42km pipeline delivering recycled water to Melbourne’s south-east.

Minister for Water Harriet Shing today announced Abergeldie, BMD & KBR (ABK) was awarded the contract for the $72 million Dingley Recycled Water Scheme project. .

The new pipeline will unlock 1.8 gigalitres per annum of recycled water supply, enough to fill Albert Park Lake more than two and a half times.

The pipeline will deliver recycled water to 46 sites, including local parks, world-class golf courses on Melbourne’s sandbelt, sports ovals, laundromats, market gardens and nurseries, while preserving our drinking water supply.

The project is expected to generate $92 million for the local economy and support local communities with over 240 jobs for international golf tourism, agriculture and nursery businesses in the region.

Expanding recycled water infrastructure and diversifying water sources plays an important role in securing water supplies for the future, which is a key objective outlined in the Government’s $56.6 million investment in the Central and Gippsland Region Sustainable Water Strategy.

Using recycled water on gardens, golf courses and public green spaces takes pressure off drinking water supplies and ensures water is used sustainably while keeping these places green and healthy all year round.

The Labor Government has contributed $24 million towards the Dingley Recycled Water Scheme which is expected to start delivering recycled water by 2025.

Quote attributable to Minister for Water Harriet Shing

“Using fit-for-purpose water is an important sustainability initiative in our response to climate change – it’s projects like this that are securing long-term water supplies for our growing communities and keeping our open spaces green.”

Quote attributable to Member for Clarinda Meng Heang Tak

“This is a major milestone in the development of a recycled water pipeline through Melbourne’s South East which will secure, a sustainable future water source for our thriving local businesses and sports clubs.”

Quote attributable to Member for Mordialloc Tim Richardson

“This project is going to help our local sporting fields, gardens, world-class golf courses and green spaces to stay healthy and green, even during drier periods, without putting pressure on our precious drinking water supplies.”

Quote attributable to South East Water Managing Director Lara Olsen

“Not only is this project setting up our community for long-term water security, it’s helping to create liveable and thriving environments for agriculture, tourism and community sport and recreation with a sustainable water source – it’s a win-win.”