Dingley Recycled Water Scheme

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Clarinda District will soon benefit from a new pipeline delivering recycled water to local businesses, golf courses, sports ovals and parks.

The first phase of works, launched in December 2023, involves geotechnical investigations to complete the design and alignment of the new recycled water pipes, as well as ecological surveys and environmental site mapping.

The project involves $24.8 million in Labor Government funding to construct the $72 million Dingley Recycled Water Scheme. The remaining funding comes from South East Water.

The water infrastructure project will unlock 1,800 ML of recycled water each year, enough recycled water to fill Albert Park Lake more than two and a half times. The project will generate $92 million for the local economy.

The new 42 km pipeline will deliver recycled water to 46 private and public sites, including 15 local parks, 12 golf courses, 3 market gardens and 13 nurseries.

Investing in recycled water infrastructure demonstrates our commitment to building sustainable cities by designing the pipe to supply future water demands of our growing population, saving our drinking water supply.

Further, this infrastructure will also support Victoria’s response to climate change impacts, allow parkland and golf courses to remain green during dry spells, open up new horticulture business opportunities and tourism, and provide better recreational outcomes for our local community.

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